Women’s Clothing: How To Create Your Own Unique Style

Women’s clothing, which forms the backbone of fashion, is an integral part of our lives today. In women’s clothing, everyone has a style with her view of life, self-expression and a view. For some people, style is the biggest stance towards life, for others, as much as they hear only from fashion programs. With a sense of searching for a better and a more beautiful look in women’s clothing, women have been the core of “fashion” for years now.

Women’s clothing is such a mysterious and a magical mirror that reflects the soul, way of living and the limits of the women’s mind. In fact, women’s clothing itself aims not to be useful and necessary, but to be different and beautiful. Considering all these facts, the phenomenon of women’s clothing has been an indispensable part of our society. So, this concept has come through in a never-lasting changing and developing form until today.

Our thoughts, sensations, perception of life and all the other things related to life: they all change. How about our appearance? Fashion trends are constantly changing and you should avoid being prisoners of this. Dressing up from costly women’s clothing retails does not mean to be stylish, at all.

Considering these facts, the way you wear and the pieces you choose in women’s clothing obviously reflects your mood, way of thinking and even your philosophy of life. How about keeping your soul alive by creating your own style? Let’s get started for a new journey that you will never regret.

1. An Everlasting Journey: Women’s Clothing Throughout The History

Women’s clothing has been evolving since the beginning of history. Women have tried to care about their appearance from the beginning of humankind. The way women look has been reflecting the communities’ traditions and events for thousands of years. If you have been in museums where ancient goods are exhibited, you have definitely seen some accessories in the showcases as well as hair clips, pins, a wide range of colorful clothes etc.

That clearly shows us the “passion of fashion” in women’s clothing. The elegance and magnificence, without any doubt, rest in women’s hands since the beginning of the humankind. It is clearly seen in the studies that fashion goes back to prehistoric times. Over time, fashion has changed and developed as well, with the development of humanity. In pre-industrial societies, women’s clothing behaviour clearly demonstrated one’s position in the social structure. Members of other classes who wanted to take on a fashionable look had to imitate the upper classes.

Between World Wars, women’s clothing often turned into shorter skirts just below the knee. Sixties and seventies are an important transition period in fashion. It was quite increasingly accepted that women wear pants. As time went on from the twentieth century to the twenty-first model, the preferred trends of women’s clothing continued to change every year, and they are still changing today.

2. Go Beyond Your Limits vs. Ignoring the Recent Fashion Trend: Two Dimensions of Women’s Clothing

Women’s clothing is highly prone to change every single day. The concept of “fashionable” maybe “out of fashion” even in a couple of days. So, will you be a mere onlooker to these and be out of touch to these developments or create your own trendline? Sometimes you may forget about your own reality as we are highly exposed to the concept of “in-out”. Sometimes you may be confused about how to dress. It seems quite annoying and irrelevant, right? How about going beyond all these restrictions and creating your own style? What would you think if I said you may only realize this with only two solutions? Come on, that’s not a tall order at all.

Accepting “The Currently Different”

We encounter with different styles of clothes in women’s clothing every single day, and we watch the developments with the idea of ​​befitting us. The new trends in women’s clothing may bring a different perception of style or even an odd one. If you are open to the novelties, why don’t you pick up the most preferred current pieces for your own? If you are a type of person that embrace the novelties, we should admit that you are relatively the lucky one!

Shutting Down the Doors to the “Recent Fashion Trend”

When it comes to women’s clothing, sometimes you may just choose the other way around. Instead of adopting new styles or new fashionable pieces of clothes, you may choose the usual and subtle ones that you occasionally use. Most probably, it’s because you are well aware of the fact that it may be more affordable or as you just feel more comfortable. Why not?

If you think so, that’s not a problem to create a spectacular style, at all! In fact, it may be economically more advantageous. If you would like to have a fashionable look, you don’t need to have an extremely odd style, though! Fashion goes away, style remains.” Says Coco Chanel. Because style means not to adapt to the rapidly changing fashion, but in this fast consumption, to address your soul enough to enter your wardrobe.

Because style means not to adapt to the rapidly changing fashion, but in this fast consumption, to address your soul enough to enter your wardrobe.

3. Decision for a Signature Look: Modern-Classical vs. Retro

A classic, plain appearance with a high sensation of simplicity, or a colorful vivid look of vintage for a perfect women’s clothing. Whichever you prefer, we are a hundred per cent sure that after sufficient research, you will find out the one which will suit you best! As we mentioned above, the way you dress reflects your character. Let’s check out what’s yours.

How to Create A Modern-Classical Look

The classical style in women’s clothing is formed by the combination of plain and formal clothing items that are not outdated in terms of designing features. The important thing in classical women’s clothing style is to catch a simple elegance with minimum pieces. If sportswear is not preferred especially for women who want to look stylish and elegant, classical clothing can be preferred easily.

Women dressed in classic style can show their style by making choices for pants, jackets or suits. Those who do not prefer the style of pants and jackets can put on a heavier stance by choosing classic dress models. Classical clothing is one of the most preferred and ‘low-risk’ styles in women’s clothing. Because classical women’s clothing is not elaborated and does not require much time to get ready.

The classic style consists mostly of combinations made with a classic dress, shoes and bag. Women who add simplicity to their elegance with a few pieces always attract attention to this style of clothing. Pearl jewellery, silk scarves for women, loafers or short heels are also included in this style of clothing. The colors of the garments of this style are usually dark colors such as black, dark blue, neutral colors such as white and grey as well as pastel tones. These pieces are generally preferred in a simple line. If you like such simple and plain women’s clothing style, check out the best above-mentioned products on our page, and be simply ready to be the most attractive woman on the earth.

How to Create A Modern-Retro Look

The reason that retro clothing fashion reappears recently is that they can display a sexy and romantic look at the same time. First, try to understand which fashion period appeals to you. You can decide this after a few short investigations. If you are bored of postmodern styles and find classic and modern clothes boring and nostalgia lovers, vintage women’s clothing is just for you!

Nowadays, vintage clothing can be a bit expensive due to its low usage. However; there is a distinction between retro and vintage.

While vintage is used for the clothes used in the past and reached today, retro is used for clothes produced in the old style today. How about creating your own style in vintage? You can combine unique pieces inspired by the old ones and decorate them with colorful jewelry. Many creative selections may be done, such as combining retro clothing products with modern clothes and accessories, and matching pieces from different periods with each other.

However; do not be afraid that you will attract much attention or will keep a low profile unless you are not dressed like you are going to a fun costume party. Retro women’s clothing style is modernized nowadays, that is, it does not display an image that came via a time machine. Rather, retro women’s clothing is designed both age-appropriate and inspired by the past.

Your dress or a retro accessory that suits your combination will suit all your mood.  Retro accessories with pearl, ivory or silver details will make it quite easy for you to take on a tone of old times. If you like women’s vintage clothing style, check out the best above-mentioned products on our shop, and be simply ready to be the sexiest woman on the earth.

4. Let’s Pave the Way: Gold Steps for a New Image

Until here, you heard at least three concepts about women’s clothing styles, and so you opened the door of your own fashion creating journey. Now, you are one step further in women’s clothing. Let’s complete your style creation journey with four strong and exciting steps. You are going great so far, add creativity to your style with the following steps and you will be well on your way to being the hottest woman on the earth!

Step 1: Know Your Body Proportions

To look stylish, you must first know about your body, not about fashion. Like every subject matter, there are do’s and don’ts in women’s clothing. Let’s face it, we all have sides about our body that we both love and dislike.

The more realistic you are against yourself, the more accurate combinations you can make. Some of us think that skinny pants do not look good on our body, while others think that strapless tops do not fit our body shape. One of the main points of women’s clothing is to get to know your physical characteristics. “Your size should dictate what you wear” says Vogue, and so should you know this rule.

Talking about women’s clothing, when an outfit suits your body proportion well, you will not only feel comfortable, but the outfit will also look more beautiful on you. Likewise, when electing a particular style on women’s clothing, women emphasize or conceal any part of her body wisely. That is another trick that you can do if there is a particular part in your body that you do not like so much. Get in front of the mirror and be honest with yourself, where are the areas in your body that you think do not look good and look so good, and how can you reveal them or hide them with your clothes?

“Get in front of the mirror and be honest with yourself, where are the areas in your body that you think do not look good and look so good, and how can you reveal them or hide them with your clothes?”

Step 2: Trust Yourself

Fashion comes and passes, only your style will be engraved in people’s mind.

Creating style is not possible with outfits alone. It is necessary to create a style as a whole. For this reason, it is necessary to have integrity in all details from your walk to speech, communication and self-confidence. Probably you have seen a strange outfit while watching a fashion show even once in your life. But most probably you have also seen that model walks quite in a self-confident way, although she wears an extra-strange outfit.

This example simply means that you definitely should not be ashamed of your style even though you like wearing, so to say, “weird” outfits. As we mentioned above, your style reflects your character, and you should not be ashamed of your character, at all!

“Your style reflects your character, and you should not be ashamed of your character, at all! “

Step 3: Be Open to Criticism: New Hints Bring New Concepts

Describing your own style will probably take time at the beginning. However, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Within this process, you should continue to update your style by getting feedbacks from the people around you. You should give yourself time and not be in a hurry about the fashion perception to settle in your mind and to form strict and definite lines about your style.

You can try and love the pieces of you bought by admiring the mirror, but you should hear from those around you that it does not suit you. Because women’s clothing has such charming pieces, but you never know if they really suit you or not. The best way to make progress in women’s clothing styles is to have a friend who will make honest comments with you in this regard.

If you are constantly improving yourself in women’s clothing and you consider the criticisms coming from your relatives or friends through correct filters, there is no reason why you should not become a stylish individual.

Step 4: Do not Restrain Your Imagination

It’s crucial to be aware of your imagination before you decide your style. The women’s clothing selections will be a reflection of your character on the outside world. Truly reflecting yourself to the world will make contributions to you for being more satisfied with what you are wearing and to be a happier woman.

Well, now close your eyes and imagine a style which you think will fit you best. Let’s say you dream big, and you can presume what is going to suit you best, but you cannot find your creativity’s correspondence in the showcases.  What are you waiting for to create your own combines? Did you know that there are a lot of people who wanted to be in your shoes?

We believe that the most powerful and attractive styles are made up by the creator’s pure imagination. If you believe that you can create your own style by combining any materials then you are really lucky. You can simply design any piece for women’s clothing such as; wraps, colorful sacks, wristbands, necklaces, hats etc., and then combine it with any casual piece you wish. In this way, you will free your mind and enjoy your unique style!

5. How to Get Inspired?

In order to have a style, you do not need to create completely original combinations. Because to find out completely original combinations are absolutely impossible. Therefore, you can be inspired by combinations made by other stylish people. Stylish women can have their own unique look, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot work on fashion icons or other stylish women to look for inspiration.

Take notes by doing a variety of research to find the style to reflect yourself. Reviewing magazines that provide advice for styling will be helpful. You can especially follow the influencers and bloggers that you feel your style is close to, and make your job easier by making your own touches on it. Believe us, it works.

Internet & TV Programs

Every day, we encounter many fashion programs on tv and internet upon women’s clothing. By following these programs, we can definitely get a few tips about women’s clothing. In addition to that, as we know the internet is a large research area for us. There are many YouTube channels, popular websites on women’s clothing, online trend booklets and magazines etc. After brief research, you may find a shortcut for your style which may give you precious inspiration and views.

Fashion Booklets

Though there are quite many online fashion websites on women’s clothing, you may also benefit from printed booklets, and use them as guides. Searching out for your unique style will never let you down.

There are hundreds of people on the internet who want to show you their new style. If this does not appeal to you, how about taking a glance at monthly fashion magazines and booklets? This will also help you copy a few details and integrate them with your own style pieces. So, do not hesitate to reach out all the materials upon women’s clothing you may find. Because any little stylistic opinion may inspire you to create your own style.

Odd but Gold: Imitate, Imitate, Imitate…

Be inspired by the style of your friend, colleague or mother, who is your closest and admires the style. Let’s assume that checking hundreds of pages is quite absurd and you basically didn’t like it. No worries, because you are the main subject. There is nothing that cannot be solved when you are the subject!

There probably are some people around you that you love their style. Think about what you like most about them and how to adapt it to you. It is definitely not a shame to be inspired by people who are dressed nicely around you and taking inspiration from magazines, popular websites and a few Youtubers. Rather, it is the most powerful thing that can be a source of motivation for you. Life is just a bowl of cherries, and you deserve the best! Don’t be afraid to try.

“Life is just a bowl of cherries, and you deserve the best! Don’t be afraid to try.”

6. Bingo! Your New Style is More Than Ready!

You have taken the biggest and most important step in women’s clothing so far in creating the unique style you wish because you have given a way to the most crucial step. Believe you can do whatever you wish now, and you’re halfway there. If you found at least one of the steps above attractive, don’t stop, add vivid colors and a unique style to your life. Because creating your own style will add strength to your character as well as bring self-confidence.

Creating a personally unique style takes time. As you grow older, feed on different sources, see and read, you will develop and this will affect your style. So do not get stuck in creating a very original and well-established style in a short time. Spend your time, do not hurry and get to know yourself well. Always remember that in women’s clothing the most beautiful style is the one which you feel happy with.

Finally, we recommend you not to forget to smile when it comes to women’s clothing. Because even the most stylish clothes without you will look dull and callous.

Good luck!

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